The Value of Serving on the Baca Grande POA Board of Directors

Are you interested in making an impact in your community with ideas that are in the best interest of the homeowners?

Successful Boards make informed decisions in good faith and in the best interest of the Association. The primary purpose of a Board member is to provide direction with regards to policy and support the staff of the Association. The position can be an extremely rewarding learning experience.

  • You have the opportunity to participate in decisions that will directly impact your community. You can further the good in your community and affect change where it’s needed.
  • You have a chance to create connections and relationships with other directors, managers, and industry professionals.
  • You will invest in your home and the community.
  • Feel proud of both leading and serving your community.
  • There’s a sense of belonging that comes from working together to achieve common goals.

Ultimately, serving on the Board is a rewarding and valuable experience.