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The Baca Grande Lend-a-Hand / Receive-a-Hand Hub:

This is a central hub for the Baca-Crestone Community to help coordinate and support volunteerism. Here, friends and neighbors can reach out to us if they’d either like to volunteer or receive assistance from other community members. 


  • Are you interested in volunteering? If so, please fill out the form below with your preferred method of contact and, in the “message” section, let us know how you’re interested in helping.
    • Currently, volunteers are most needed for the following areas:
      • Trail restoration and maintenance (greenbelts)
      • Landscaping luv at the Hall/Member Services office
      • Signs: painting, maintenance, and posting
      • Painting of several buildings (including the Ambulance Crew Quarters and what we hope will be the future Baca-Crestone Food Bank location).


  • Would you like assistance from a volunteer partner? If so, please fill out the form below and let us know in the “message” section how a volunteer may assist you. We’ll then do our best to coordinate efforts with our Baca-Crestone volunteer community and wonderful partner organizations for help.  


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