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Offices of The Baca Grande Property Owners Association

Land Use Department

The Land Use Department provides administration of all land use issues within and adjacent to the Baca Grande Property Owners Association community.  

Permits are required for all buildings or structures, parking areas, fences, walls, hedges, plantings, patios, driveways/parking pads, decks, enclosures, change in exterior color or shape, excavation, and all other site work including without limitation grading, road construction, utility improvements, removal of trees, and any new exterior constructions or exterior improvement constructed or completed on a lot.

Permits, or written approval letters, issued by the Environmental and Architectural Committee (EAC) are required for many projects members do on their properties. If you are unsure if you need a permit or written approval for a project, we encourage you to call or email the offices of the POA. We will help you determine if an application is required.

Building Forms are available in the Document Center of this website.

Information on Violations

The complaint form should be used when an individual is filing a formal complaint about a person, property or situation that they feel is a nuisance to them. Complaints are not taken lightly and need to be reasonable. A staff member will inspect the property or the situation when possible to try to witness the nature of the complaint; however, there are times when this just isn’t possible. Property owners anonymity will be protected to the best of our ability. 

Download the Covenant Violation /Complaint Form HERE

View the Covenant Enforcement and  Hearing policy HERE 

If you are a Member who has had a Complaint filed against you, the Homeowner Response Form may be found HERE

Land Use – Calendar

 Building Plans Due – 8 days prior to EAC meeting 

 Environmental and Architectural Committee (EAC) Meetings – Usually 2nd Wednesday of the month. Call the office to verify.

 Saguache/Baca Planning Commission Meeting – Contact Saguache County Land Use Department 

 Violation Appeals Panel Committee (VAP) Meetings – Scheduled as Needed

Land Use Contact:

Phone: (719) 256-4171  

Chris W. – Land Use Administrator: [email protected]