About The Baca Grande Emergency Services

The Emergency Service department oversees the Ambulance and Fire Services for the Baca Grande PropertyOwners Association.

The Response Area of the Ambulance Service is not only the Baca Grande Sub-division but also an eastern area of Saguache County.  This area is in agreement with the Northern Saguache County Ambulance Service.   The Response Area for the Emergency Services includes the Baca Grande Subdivisions, plus the Response Area of the Crestone Volunteer Fire Department through an Automatic Mutual Aide agreement with the Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District.  This is an especially beneficial service for the Baca Grande POA as it has two fire departments responding to community fire emergencies.

Emergency Services Public Announcements 

Due to the Colorado Air Quality Control Regulation 9, burning garbage is no longer acceptable, and it states that the only items that should be burned are untreated, natural wood (sticks and branches), leaves, dry prairie grass, slash and weeds.  A permit is required for all outdoor burn permits through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Baca Grande POA.  To report an outdoor burn that does not include the approved burn material, contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 719-587-5206

Outdoor Burn Regulations in Colorado

Emergency Services Employment Opportunities  

Emergency Services Job Application Click Here

Intermediates, Paramedics and Firefighters

The Baca Grande Emergency Services is hiring Full Time and Part time Intermediates, Paramedics and Firefighters. The Baca Grande Emergency Services is a rapidly growing inter-facility and 911 ambulance transport and fire company in Southern Colorado.  We offer competitive pay and flexible hours. Please call 719-256-4171, for more information.


Mitigation Crew Member

The Baca Grande Emergency Services is looking for Swampers & Sawyers to assist with a large Mitigation Project. Must be eighteen years or older. This job pays hourly with up to forty hours per week. If interested, call Fire Captain, Jim Vanderpool at (719) 256-4171.





Emergency Service – Staff/ First Responders Crew Roster

Jim Vanderpool – Fire Captain

Harold Fowler – EMS Captain

Francis Song – Paramedic

Kevin Durate – Intermediate EMT

Diante Method – EMT/FireFIghter

Regis Gilmartin – Firefighter/EMS Driver

Christina Lakish – Firefighter/EMS Driver

Mathew Crowley – Firefighter/EMS Driver

TJ Davis – Firefighter/EMS Driver

Ben Antoniewics-Firefighter/EMS Driver

Corez Hinez – Firefighter/EMS Driver

Travis Davis – Firefighter

Cole Durban – Firefighter

Emergency Service – Contact Us
In case of Emergency Call 911

(719) 256-4171 ext 15

P.O. Box 237

Crestone, CO -81131

Harold Fowler (EMS Captain): [email protected], Jim Vanderpool (Fire Captain): [email protected]