Committees of the Baca Grande POA

Environmental and Architectural Committee:

The Environmental/Architectural Committee (EAC) is comprised of at least three Members in good standing with the POA and are appointed by, and under the authority of, the BGPOA Board of Directors (BOD).

Committee members are on a three year rotation.  Their purpose is to review and approve/disapprove all plans and specifications of any structure or improvements made on a Baca Grande POA lot.

The EAC may propose policies and procedures to the BOD, and then the BOD has the authority to grant or deny adopting the EAC proposals.

All plans and specifications for any structure or improvement to be erected on or moved upon any portion of real property shall be subject to written approval of the EAC before any work is commenced. EAC permission is also required for any alterations of property, even though the work is not part of the building application.

Additional specific duties may be found in the BGPOA Governing Documents.

E &AC Agendas & Minutes – These documents can be found under the “Document Center”

Environmental and Architectural Committee – Calendar

 E&AC Meetings – Usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month, call the office to verify dates and times

Environmental and Architectural Committee – Volunteers

Joe Buckley

Kathy Kennedy

Dick Donovan

Violations Appeals Panel Committee:

The Violations Appeal Panel (VAP) is comprised of Members in good standing.  They have been given the authority to resolve any dispute over covenant compliance violation measures, primarily fines levied against property owners. The Violation Appeals Panel is a committee that will hear a member’s appeal of an  EAC covenant violation decision. The Baca Grande Board of Directors would like to amicably resolve issues impacting the quality of living in the Baca Grande and has established the VAP to  resolve violation issues.

Additional specific duties may be found in the BGPOA Governing Documents.

Violation Appeals Panel – Calendar

 VAP Meetings – Scheduled as Needed

Violation Appeals Panel – Volunteers

Diane Dunlap

Judie Rose

Leslie McMenemy

Firewise Committee:

The Firewise Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Baca Grande Property Owners Association (BGPOA) Board of Directors or, as circumstances may warrant, to the staff. Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and have no authority to establish policies on behalf of the BGPOA.
The purpose of the Firewise Committee is to educate and assist Baca Grande property owners on ways to reduce the risk of wildfire and its threat to lives and property.

Firewise Committee:

Sugandha Brooks (Committee Liaison)

Carolyn Brown

Lisa Cyriacs

Robin Durrance

Rich Jewitt