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Volunteer Committees of the Baca Grande


Environmental and Architectural Committee:

The Environmental and Architectural Committee (EAC) is comprised of at least three volunteer Members in Good Standing with the Association and are appointed by, and under the authority of, the Board of Directors (BoD).

Committee members serve on a three year rotation.  Their purpose is to review and approve/disapprove plans and specifications of any structure, alteration, or improvement made on Lots within the Baca Grande. Written EAC permission is required before work commences.

The EAC may also propose policies and procedures to the Board for consideration. 

Additional specific duties of the EAC may be found in the Baca Grande Governing Documents.

EAC Agendas & Minutes: These documents may be found in the “Document Center.”

EAC Meetings: The 2nd Wednesday of each month.



Environmental and Architectural Committee Volunteers:

Zach Kramer

Bob Hunt

Bob Herman



Violations Appeals Panel Committee:

The Violations Appeal Panel (VAP) is comprised of Members in Good Standing.  The VAP is granted authority to resolve disagreements over covenant compliance and violations. The VAP is a committee that will hear a Member’s appeal of an EAC violation decision. The Baca Grande Board of Directors would like to amicably resolve matters impacting the harmony within the Baca Grande and has established the VAP to help resolve these matters.

Additional specific duties may be found in the Baca Grande Governing Documents.

 VAP Meetings: Scheduled as Needed


Violation Appeals Panel Volunteers:

Diane Dunlap

Judie Rose

Edward Byerly