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The Baca Grande Volunteer Board of Directors

The Board of Directors acts on behalf of the property owners of the Baca Grande Development.  It has the powers and duties necessary to administer the affairs, operations and maintenance of the Association and the community.  Their duties and powers are subject to exceptions and limitations as contained in the Baca Grande governing documents and the State of Colorado laws.

The Board can adopt and establish rules and regulations governing the use of Association property.  It can also adopt and establish rules and regulations relating to the health and safety of the community.  Performing all acts required of it under the Baca Grande governing documents, they make appointments to other volunteer committees such as: the Environmental and Architectural Committee, The Violation Appeals Panel Committee, and the Nominating Committee.  They adopt, modify, and establish rules, regulations, policies, and procedures designed to enhance and further the quality of life in the community.  They promote the welfare of property owners and enhance and further the value and desirability of lots and common lands.

Other specific duties and powers of the Board of Directors can be found in the governing documents of the Baca Grande Property Owners Association.



Claudia Wolfe – Secretary (term exp. ’24):      [email protected]

Diego Martinez – President (term exp. ’24):  [email protected]

LeRoy West – Vice President & EAC Liaison (term exp. ’25):    [email protected]

Brad Bechtel – Treasurer (term exp. ’23):  [email protected]

Eddy Byerly – Member at Large & FWC Liaison (term exp. ’23):  [email protected]